Waka Waka

WakaWaka Light and WakaWaka Power+

WakaWaka means ‘bright light’ in Swahili. The solar-powered products from WakaWaka have the most efficient solar LED lamp in the world.

For all sold WakaWaka Powers and WakaWaka Lights applies; SHARE THE SUN! When you buy a WakaWaka, you help make solar energy accessible to families in areas without access to electricity.

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Inspire your customers in a responsible manner and give them a give away with a double message. WakaWaka is packed individually in a beautiful gift box. You can also have a nice sleeve on the packaging printed with your logo.

For the possibilities, you can contact your supplier of business gifts or advertising agency.

Waka Waka Light and Waka Waka Power+

WakaWaka Light the most efficient solar LED lamp in the world. Charging a day in the sun gives you very bright, safe and sustainable light for up to 80 hours.

WakaWaka Power+ also has a charger for smartphones, tablets and virtually any other gadget with a USB connection, in addition to the world’s most efficient solar LED lamp. In addition to charging withe the solar panel, the WakaWaka can also be charged with the power socket. The WakaWaka has four different light modes, from flashlight to reading lamp.

The Waka Waka’s are available in the colors black and yellow.

Have the WakaWaka Light or Power + printed with your logo, company name or (advertising) slogan. A beautiful business gift and end of year gift.

Waka Waka Light yellow
Waka Waka Power+ yellow