Jute bags for a sustainable future! Anticipate a sustainable future without plastic bags ...
Give a nice (printed) jute gift bag

Gift packaging

The jute gift packaging items are unique. A bottle of wine in an ecological packaging forms a perfect alternative to ‘boring’ packing paper or the standard box. The little jute bag is ideal for gifts such as cosmetics or small business gifts.


JuCo comprises 75% jute and 25% cotton. The combination of woven jute and cotton creates a luxurious look in bags and pouches. A beautiful alternative for jute bags and cotton carrier bags. JuCo pouches are sustainable, handy and practical! Eco-Products (previously known as EcoJute) offers different models and sizes, with various finish options.

Why Jute

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, which in particular appear in warm, moisty areas. The jute which is used for the bags of Eco-Products is from India. Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibres and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses.

Advantages of jute bags

Eco-Products (previously known as EcoJute) bags are an excellent gift, but can also be very functional in carrying the bag and advertising. Here are some benifits of the Eco-Products bags:

✓ Biodegradable within 1 to 2 years
✓ Re-usable so very friendly for the environment
✓ Very environmentally friendly and sustainable
✓ Very strong
✓ Trendy and hip!

Custom made

Choose your own print

Even without a print the Eco-Products bags look beautiful, but it is also possible to create your own bag by making use of your own print such as your company logo. Your own Eco-Products bags can be made and ordered from 1.000 pieces.

Promotional Eco-Products bags

Promotional Eco-Products bags are known as ‘walking billboards’

Promotional jute bags are the latest major trend. Nowadays, when organizations like to show that they are environmentally aware, the plastic bag has become an outdated advertising medium. A hip, ecological jute carrier bag, emblazoned with your slogan or logo in environmentally friendly ink, is a real eye-catcher. With some justification, promotional jute carrier bags are known as ‘walking billboards’!

Printed jute bags

The jute bags described below can be supplied directly from stock. The minimum delivery amount is 100 units. All prices are quoted not including printing; prices of printed bags are available on request. All the promotional jute carrier bags we supply can be printed.

Jute Fairbag Comfort


model 1268

Jute shopper Big

1270 Jute_tas_BIG 600x400

model 1270

Jute bag Premium

jute tas premium 1250

model 1250

Jute shopping bag Success

jute boodschappentas success 1255

model 1255

Jute gift bag Small

jute cadeautasje small 1021_small

model 1021

Jute bag Trendy

jute tas trendy 1021

model 1021

Jute shopper Popular

jute tas popular 1105

model 1105

Jute beach bag Combi

jute strandtas combi 1183

model 1183

Jute shoulder bag Basic

jute schoudertas basic 136

model 136

Jute shopper Large

Jute shopper Large 1018

model 1018

Jute shopper XXL

jute big shopper xxl 1185

model 1185

Jute Fairbag de Luxe


model 1142

Jute Fairbag

jute beurstas fairbag 1143

model 1143

Jute bag Green

jute draagtas green 1114

model 1114

Jute bag Slogan

jute draagtas slogan 173a

model 173A

Jute shopping bag Multifunctional

jute tas multifunctional 4004

model 4004

Your own EcoJute product