Advantages of jute bags

Eco-Products (previously known as EcoJute) bags are an excellent gift, but can also be very functional in carrying the bag and advertising. Here are some benifits of the Eco-Products bags:

✓ Biodegradable within 1 to 2 years
✓ Re-usable so very friendly for the environment
✓ Very environmentally friendly and sustainable
✓ Very strong
✓ Trendy and hip!

Custom made

Choose your own print

Even without a print the Eco-Products bags look beautiful, but it is also possible to create your own bag by making use of your own print such as your company logo. Your own Eco-Products bags can be made and ordered from 1.000 pieces.

Eco-Products Gift Packaging

Eco-Products gift packaging: unique and original!

The jute gift packaging items below are unique. A bottle of wine in an ecological packaging forms a perfect alternative to ‘boring’ packing paper or the standard box. The little jute bag is ideal for gifts such as cosmetics or small business gifts.

Printed jute giftbags and winebags

Of course, your jute gift packaging can also be personalized. All prices that are quoted do not include printing costs. Wine bottles and prices for printing are available on request. The minimum delivery amount is 100 units.

However you use jute gift packaging, you can be sure that it is unique and original!

Jute gift bag Small

jute cadeautasje small 1021_small

model 1021

Jute wine bag Mesh

jute wijntas 1 fles mesh 4050

model 4050

Jute wine bag Transparant

jute wijntas 1 fles transparant 450

model 450 red (1 bottle)

Jute wine bag Mesh
(2 bottles)

jute wijntas 2 flessen mesh 4030

model 4030

Jute wine bag Transparant
(2 bottles)

Jute wijntas 2 flessen “Transparant” rood

model 430 red

Jute shopping bag

Jute boodschappen/flessentas "Multifunctional"

model 4004