Dopper, sustainable water bottles

Dopper, the sustainable water bottle with a mission

The mission of Dopper is to create a world where people are aware of the environment in which we live, where the amount of plastic for single use is reduced and where everyone has access to safe drinking water.

A Dopper printed with your logo, an original and socially responsible giveaway. Contribute actively to a sustainable and clean environment.

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Inspire your customers in a responsible manner and give them a give away with a double message. You can also print beautiful packaging with your logo.

For the possibilities, you can contact your supplier of business gifts or advertising agency.


Dopper, a sustainable water bottle with a mission! Dopper drinking water bottles are the perfect way to communicate your brand. Personalize your Dopper with a beautiful design and make this bottle your sustainable business card.

The Dopper is available in 11 beautiful colors and 2 metal bottles:

✓ Dopper Apple Green
✓ Dopper Blue Lagoon
✓ Dopper Cool Blue
✓ Dopper Hakuna Mintata
✓ Dopper Pacific Blue
✓ Dopper Pink Paradise
✓ Dopper Pure White
✓ Dopper Royal Orange
✓ Dopper Sea Green
✓ Dopper Simply Red
✓ Dopper Solid Steel and Steel
✓ Dopper Steel (800ml)
✓ Dopper Sunshine Splash