BE O bottle, sustainable water bottles

BE O bottle, the sustainable water bottle with a mission

The mission of BE O bottle is to create a world where people are aware of the environment in which we live, where the amount of plastic for single use is reduced. BE O is changing the plastic industry by developing products from renewable materials such as sugar pane, elephant grass, cassava and algae. BIOPLASTIC!

For every BE O bottle sold, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future.

A BE O bottle printed with your logo, an original and socially responsible giveaway. Contribute actively to a sustainable and clean environment.

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Inspire your customers in a responsible manner and give them a give away with a double message.

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BE O bottle

BE O bottle, a sustainable water bottle with a capacity of 500 ml. The size is Ø 6.7 cm and 24.5 cm high. The BE O bottle consists of three parts and is therefore easy to clean. Dishwasher safe up to 65°C/145°F and suitable for water and cold drinks, soft drinks, fruit lemonade and alcoholic drinks below 13%.

BE O bottle drinking bottles are the perfect way to communicate your brand. Personalize your BE O bottle with a beautiful design and make this bottle your sustainable business card. beobottles, beo bottles

The advantages of the BE O bottles are:

✓ Available in 2 colors, black and white
The bottle consists of 3 parts and is therefore easy to clean
✓ Dishwasher safe up to 65°C/149°F
✓ All drinks without bubbles are welcome: water, lemonade or juices. Even alcoholic drinks up to 13% can be bottled. Be careful with carbonated drinks, the pressure can cause a leak.
✓ 500 ml bottle capacity, refillable
✓ Free from BPA and chemicals, no smell or taste of plastic or oil
✓ 100% recyclable, 94% bioplastic from sugar cane
✓ Modular, empty takes up less space, 40% less
✓ Can be printed on 2 positions, cap and body
Sleeve with its own full color printing from 250 pieces

✓ The BE O is the ideal drinking bottle for tap water and is designed to reduce the amount of disposable bottles.