Baby Tree fruit tree packages

Baby Tree as a business gift

A sustainable and educational promotional gift in a do-it-yourself package including bamboo stick, bottom pile, binding material and birth certificate. With a little care and love the tree can grow into a well-producing fruit tree. Baby Tree, a beautiful symbol for a growing relationship where you can reap the benefits.

Baby Tree Apple

Grow your own apple tree

Baby Tree “Tobias de apple tree” produces soft-sour apples, ideal for making a delicious apple pie.

Baby Tree Cherry

Grow your own cherry tree

Baby Tree, “Nova the cherry tree” is characterized by its dark red fruit that shines beautifully and tastes great.

Request quote?

Inquire about the Baby Tree from your supplier of business gifts or advertising agency.

The Baby Tree can be personalized in different ways:

✓ box with a full color sticker on the front
✓ add a card with full color artwork
✓ hanging label on the tree itself
✓ whole box to own design

The packaging is made of FSC cardboard.

Request a quote or inquire about the possibilities. It is also possible to request a sample via your supplier.

Baby Tree Pear

Grow your own pear tree

Baby Tree, “Sophia the pear tree” produces juicy and sweet elongated pears.


Baby Plant Blue berry

Grow your own blue berrie plant

Baby Plant, “Barry the blue berrie plant”produces sweet and juicy blueberries.

Baby Tree Plum

Grow your own plum tree

Baby Tree, “Hugo de plum tree” produces delicious dark blue plums with soft yellow flesh.